Attention To Detail

Oct 4, 2022

GleamPro Valeting & Detailing – Unit J Longmeadow Industrial Estate BH21 6RD

We just wanted to share some thoughts on detailing with you……

There are loads of places around that will clean your car, we can definitely say that we are one of them but whilst we provide some of the more straightforward and affordable valeting services that’s not why we are in the detailing business.

We love cars of all shapes and sizes, we take pride in what we do but most of all we take vehicles old or new to the next level!

If you bring a new car to us for hand finishing, we follow a complex and time consuming set of detailing processes to correct the mistakes made in production. To make older vehicles look like new they go through a time consuming and complex set of detailing processes to correct the errors made through years of bad washing and care techniques, in other words it’s not a quick wash and vac that you get from us when you look at booking our detailing services!

We work incredibly hard at the attention to detail, restoring and protecting vehicles for the long term and making a permanent difference. All of that takes knowledge, time, patience and some of the best equipment available to carry out specialised work to a level and standard that you would expect from a detailer/perfectionist.

An example of this is our list of tasks that we carry out in a Ceramic Coating application, this can take up to 4 days and should help to put our points in to perspective for you.

· Deep clean exterior using a multi-step wash & decontamination process to remove tar, grit, iron particles and other invisible nasties that are lurking on your paintwork

· 1,2 or 3 stage paint correction to remove swirls marks, light scratches and bird dropping stains

· Removal of wheels to clean and ceramic coat them also allowing access to the callipers then re fit to manufacturers torque settings

· Exterior trim restoration & coating

· Detailed interior valet & ceramic protection

· Exterior Ceramic Coating application with various stages to application (depending on package selected)

Our detailing packages do cost more, of course they will!! this is not a coveyor belt of cars, a drive through car wash or mechanical fast wash & vac,we are skilled detailers, perfectionists who really care about your car and who love what we do!

Thanks for reading