Classic Car Care

Classic Cars are a passion of ours having owned many in our time.
They can require a certain level of care above that of modern day cars.

Many have solid paint which can fade due to UV, Chrome Bumpers, Trim and Wire Wheels also need some care when it comes to cleaning. Classic cars require a certain level of care above that of modern day cars, which is something classic car enthusiasts understand well.

We have the experience, knowledge and confidence to deal with this and more, to bring your Classic Car up to showroom condition and keep it there.

Get in touch to chat to us about your Classic Car. We’d be excited to hear about it and how you would like us to care for it.

Having owned classic cars ourselves we have a particular passion and knowledge for their quirks and how to care for them.
Our Classic Car packages are bespoke to your needs. Understanding they may be delicate we know how to make them look their best while maintaining their age related character.
From paintwork to chrome, engine bays to aged leather interiors, we love to work our magic to carefully breath fresh life into your beloved classic.

We are a popular choice for pre sale preparation and our studio provides a great backdrop for getting the best photo’s to promote your car. So if you wish to arrange a photographer to visit once we’ve made you car look it’s best, just let us know.


With most classic cars having 2 pack paint (which basically means no clear coat) they can often dull over time if not cared for and protected regularly.
Before even touching the paint, we first take measurements from key points around each panel to check the depth of the paint.
The process of paint correction means we’ll be removing a small portion of paint, so we want to ensure there’s enough not to cause any future problems.

We can do this as part of our initial consultation with you and explain exactly what we can do to enhance the paintwork safely.
Once corrected, we’ll apply a good quality wax to protect it and help maintain that new vibrant colour depth and gloss.


Modern engines and electrics are usually well protected against water ingress. This is not so often the case with older cars.
At GleamPro we can clean up your engine bay, rocker covers and any painted parts using a combination of soft brushes, safe cleaner and steam.
Taking these measures means that not only will your engine bay look great, but it will still start when it’s time to leave our unit!


We find that many classic car interiors can have very delicate fabrics and leather that require a soft and careful approach to cleaning.

Leather is cleaned and fed using specialist cleaner designed for older leathers that will lightly clean while gently moisturising them safely.

During our initial consultation we will explain what we can achieve and how we’ll go about it.


Before booking in your Clasic Car for it’s GleamPro makeover, we strongly recommend bringing it in to see us for a free no obligation consultaion.
This will enable us to meet you and your car to discuss your requiremnts, and of course allow us to gawp at your car!

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