New Car Paintwork Protection…… Detailer versus Dealer

Dec 20, 2022

Are you buying a new car soon and thinking of getting it protected with a coating?

We know that your car dealership will be asking you to buy the paintwork protection from them and have it applied by their onsite valeter but we think that detailers offer a better deal on coatings and heres why….

Even though you are buying a new car, new cars still have defects on the bodywork. These can be from transport and dealership preparation.

These defects wont be removed by the dealership so the coating you have bought from them will be applied to unprepared paintwork. In essence your new car wont be looking its absolute best prior to being coated.

From experience the dealership coatings are often not very good value for money, rarely come with a guarantee and often dont stand the test of time.

However, a detailer will spend time fully decontaminating your new car, so as soon as they take receipt of your new pride and joy it will be safely hand washed to remove any iron fall out and tar. Swirl marks and defects will then be removed by machine polishing it to enhance the gloss. These processes will often take at least a day of preparation before the coating is even applied. Essentially the surface of your car will be the best it can be prior to application.

Detailers coatings will usually have a guarantee, so with each ceramic coating you can chose the level of protection from 12 months to lifetime. With that knowledge you will have the confidence that the coating you have paid for will perform for that period of time.

Take a look in to the coatings that are being offered to you by your dealership or detailer, we think that the detailers offer will be far more appealing and really keenly priced to compete with them and help you get a better deal.

Take a look at our paintwork protection offer and let us know what you think.